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A furry librarian? Well, why not? I’m just enough older than most of the techie, online generation to still have a deep appreciation for real printed books and artwork that you can touch.  Let’s not forget live music played on real instruments, either.

My podcasts (linked here) also offer brief glimpses of literature with furry characters and themes, both old and new. Unfortunately, podcast preparation and production is pretty time consuming, and I’m often a busy and distracted pony. Working full time, plus keeping a small farm going with horses, sheep, ducks, and other critters eats up a lot of time and effort. You have to sleep once in a while too, or at least, I do. I plan to use these pages for quick commentaries and reviews that I can’t presently put into full scale podcasts. A library blog, if you will, they will contain items about media of all sorts, in short, just the kind of things that find their way into libraries.

I hope you’ll want to come along for a trip through the stacks. No dust here, and the windows offer a beautiful view of the midwestern prairie.


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